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Plastics are essential for protecting our food products because they extend shelf life and prevent food waste. Currently, 1/3 of the world’s food supply spoils before it is consumed. 

How to choose packaging options?

  • The most important consideration is packaging performance because the resources that go into producing food products often far exceed the resources required to package them
  • The usage of as little material as required, it’s light weight and low volume to help minimize the footprint of each package’s creation and distribution
  • The final important point to consider is the package’s end of life – and select an option based on where your packaging is likely to meet its end of life

Excellent Barrier Properties

BioFlex™ flexible packaging can be designed to maintain the barrier properties of conventional packaging to ensure that product shelf life is not compromised.


FDA Food Safe

The packaging is FDA compliant and safe for food contact. BioFlex™ has been verified through standardized third-party testing including ASTM D5511 to confirm that BioFlex™ increases biogas production and does not merely break down into small pieces*. Furthermore, BioFlex™ packaging can be designed to maintain recyclability.


No Consumer Training Required

Unlike other solutions, BioFlex™ utilizes infrastructure that already exists in many areas and does not require consumers to change their habits. This makes it very likely that a BioFlex™ package will end up in a landfill and fulfill its intended end-of-life – putting energy back into the grid*!

Learn more about how BioFlex™ can be a sustainable solution for your products below.


BioFlex™ films have been tested to provide the same quality, shelf-life, and durability as conventional flexible packaging while also contributing to biogas production within the managed lifetime of a modern landfill*.  BioFlex™ is a responsible end-of-life solution for flexible packaging.


When it comes to our pets, we always want the best for our furry friends. Your pet food needs to arrive in a package that is durable and that will keep the food as fresh as possible. But have you considered the impact on the environment that your pet food packaging has?


With coffee, there is a lot to consider: taste, aroma, and sustainable and ethical sourcing. But, have you considered the impact of your coffee packaging?


BioFlex™ packaging offers a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to traditional rigid packaging. BioFlex™ not only offers a responsible end-of-life solution but can also reduce the environmental footprint of the production and transportation of your product when compared with rigid packaging.


The UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that roughly one third of all food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. This amounts to approximately 1.3 billion tons per year. BioFlex™ food packaging is designed without compromising food protection properties while also providing a sustainable end-of-life solution.


Other Markets Served

  • Bakery
  • Beverages
  • Bulk products
  • Bundling film
  • Cereals and breakfast
  • Cookies and crackers
  • Coffee and tea
  • Consumer / Retail
  • Condiments
  • Dry food
  • Frozen foods
  • Industrial (non-food)
  • Nuts and dried fruits
  • Pet food
  • Snack foods and bars

Packaging Products Include

• Polyethylene Tubing
• Polyethylene Sheeting
• Shrink Film

• Form Fill Seal (FFS) – Vertical and Horizontal Fill Roll Stock
• Stand Up Pouches

• Polyethylene Rollstock
• Polyethylene Bags
• Stand Up Pouches
• Cold or hot seal bar packaging
• Coffee and Tea Packaging
• Quad-seal bag
• Flat-bottom bag

• Perforated Tear Off (PTO) Food Grade Carton Liners
• PTO Food Grade Sheets
• Modified Atmosphere Packaging ( MAP)
• Handle Bags

Industrial Products
• Stretch and shrink hood films
• Pallet covers
• Printed shipping sacks

•Sheeting and Tubing
• Shipping Sacks
• Mattress Sheeting and Bags
• Carpet Overwrap
• Pallet Packaging
• Pallet Covers
• Stretch Hood Films
• Shrink Films
• Pallet Top Sheeting

• Autoclavable bags
• Autoclavable wraps
• Bio-Hazardous package

Film and Rollstock
• HDPE Film, MDPE Film, and LDPE Film

Shrink Film Products
• Shrink overwrap products.

Stand Up Pouches
Stand-up Pouch packaging:
• Unique shapes and sizes
• Add zippers and fitment closures
• Add hanger holes, easy tear, and tear notches
• 12 color printing available

intended FOR DISCARD

BioFlex™ flexible packaging is packaging with end-of-life in mind – it’s packaging that increases biogas production within modern landfills*.


BioFlex™ packaging increases landfill gas production which can be used as energy, offsetting fossil fuel usage.


BioFlex™ films make flexible packaging more sustainable. What makes BioFlex™ different?

  • BioFlex™ films have been created to increase biogas production in a modern capped landfill*
  • The energy generated from landfill gas can offset fossil fuel use!
  • Join our movement to turn today’s packaging waste into tomorrow’s energy.

*BioFlex™ has been shown to increase Biogas production up to 46.3% compared to traditional plastic packaging in the ideal conditions of an anaerobic digestor landfill over the course of 695 days, using the ASTM D5511-12 test.  When disposed of in a landfill with modern biogas capture technologies, this energy can be harnessed as a source of renewable energy.  Such a facility may not exist in your area. 


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